Prevent Accidents: Childproof Your Home Today with Safety Locks

Prevent Accidents: Childproof Your Home Today with Safety Locks

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Kids are naturally curious. They find anything they can lay their hands on as interesting. This is a positive as they are beginning to learn and explore their environment. However, on the other hand, this can be risky, not to mention very dangerous for them too.Prevent Accidents: Childproof Your Home Today with Safety Locks

It's important to stay proactive as parents and childproof your home. Invest in child safety locks to keep your kids from valuables that may pose a threat to their safety.

Why invest in child safety locks

In April 2014, The Telegraph reported a total of almost 1,000 students caught carrying weapons on school premises. Almost 40 of these kids were found with a gun. This was according to the results of a national survey conducted covering the past three years and data used were collected from police forces across Britain. If we'll think about it, these figures involved school kids that to a certain extent may already be aware what's dangerous and not. It can be worse for toddlers and babies.

As long as there are kids around, it is wise to have child safety locks present too. These locks will help give you peace of mind that kids would not be able to access cabinets and drawers that contain potentially harmful stuff. It's best to keep anything that can be opened locked such as the kitchen refrigerator.

Choosing child safety locks

There are plenty of child safety locks available in the market. You might feel overwhelmed on your first visit to stores so it's good to be aware of the common choices you have.

One common type is the easy-to-install magnetic lock. This may no longer be advisable though once your kids grow. Drawer locks are ideal solutions too. Just imagine your kids pulling out drawers all the way onto them. As a preventive measure, it's best to keep dangerous objects out of their reach.

For your swivel cabinets meanwhile, you can find special locks that prevent little fingers or arms from getting trapped on narrow gaps. Be cautious as well of your stove knobs as children will most likely want to play with them. Don't forget to look for especially made safety knobs for your stove so that the pilot light won't work even if kids accidentally turn the knob.

It's extra work, yes, but the new lock installation will be worth all your effort as at the end of the day, this is all for your child's safety.

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